Reflecting on 2016

2016 was a watershed year for me in many ways. Here are some of the highlights!

-Traveling to 20+ countries with Taylor. My favorites? Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Serbia and Montenegro!

-Getting my real estate license. I spent 6ish months finishing the 120-hour course, took the test/passed on the first try (yes!!) and joined Remax Equity as a realtor.

-Buying two investment properties in Utah!

-Coming home to my wonderful family at the end of our gap year. I missed them all so much!

-Getting my new (old) car, a yellow Mitsubishi Lancer named Sheba. She’s had SO many issues, but our mishaps have made for some great stories.

 -Learning how to knit and learning crochet.

-Starting my part time job at the Salomon Store. My coworkers are the greatest, and the gear is awesome!

-Becoming a Crisis Counselor with Crisis Text Line.


2016 had an incredible amount of highlights, but it had some lowlights as well. The hardest parts of the year were:

-Losing my grandpa. He was like a dad to me, and it was terribly hard to see him go.

-The stress that resulted from embarking on 30+ hours of travel in order to attend my grandpa’s funeral with no prior warning.

-The two weeks that followed our return home. Settling in to post-traveling life was surprisingly tough.


I’m so grateful for everything that I learned in 2016. Here’s to hoping that 2017 will be an exciting new year!


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