(Overdue) Life Update

Hello friends!

It’s been forever since I’ve posted, but I kinda figure that this blog has a sparse following, so….haha. Maybe that’s not the best attitude to have when it comes to blogging 😉 But there have been some big changes in my life lately, so I figured I ought to update those who do read my blog…

First of all, I’ve left my retail job. It was so bittersweet! I’m the type of person who gets easily attached to people/things/places/jobs, so leaving a job is always a huge ordeal. But I’m proud of the success I had at Salomon. In this case I knew I needed to focus more on real estate, and that my awesome freelance writing clients needed more attention and time from me. I’ve always wrangled with the fact that I’m a try-everything-but-be-an-expert-in-basically-nothing type. Trying new things is part of my identify; I thrive on newness and (positive) change. But this aspect of my personality vies against the more sensible part of my personality that says “Shaz, if you wanna get good at something, you need to focus on that thing, and that alone!!” I’m really bad at that, I’m happiest when I have a gazillion things going on at once. But I know I won’t reach my full potential that way. First world problems.

Also…I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned anything on social media about my experiences so far as a realtor. It is hard work! That’s how I’d sum it up in one sentence, but I ended spring strong with three closes, which I’m quite happy about. Now I’m trying to come up with ways to drum up more business (which I’m pretty sure is the toughest part of the job!) Thanks to the awesome clients who have worked with me so far! 

Now that my schedule is flexible again, I’m getting back to brand ambassador work! I loooove experiential marketing and working events is right up my alley. It requires a lot of energy and enthusiasm, and the days are long, but the schedule is incredibly flexible. Plus, sometimes I meet rad people like Tony Hawk!

Also, I’ve started volunteering for the National Park Service. You can catch me up at Timpanogos Cave National Monument, walking the trail to make sure that people don’t harm the wildlife and that they stay safe during their brief-but-steep hike. Good times. 

In the midst of all this wildness, I’ve left the PC world and have become a Mac person. I recently bought a refurbished Macbook Air, and holy cow, I’m obsessed with it. It is beyond perfect for me. 

Lastly, just days after I finished up at my retail job, I visited a childhood friend of mine in Montana. We had a grand time galumphing in the mountains, catching up on all of life’s little twists and turns, reminiscing about the past and hanging out with my friend’s pets. Montana is an amazing summer getaway, and I can’t wait to visit again!

So there you have it, a brief life update. What have you been up to lately? Give me the deets in the comments!

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