Having Options: A Quintessential First World Problem

This week has been a bit overwhelming. It started out normal enough, but toward the end of the week I had a bunch of big questions on my mind. I’ve got some opportunities on my radar that would require me to re-shuffle my life a bit. I’m not sure what the correct route is to take…

I know that I want to (and need to) focus on real estate, but I tend to get super distracted by other gigs and jobs that pop up. I just have to work hard to not get discouraged with real estate when things get slow…that’s life for most new agents, and I realize that I’m not exception. These are some things that I’d like to work on this week:

-Spending my time wisely so that I can accomplish the projects on my plate

-Being decisive about the opportunities in front of me

-Taking time to be more mindful 

-Having a good attitude about things that I need to get done

-Putting real effort into producing the first episode of CasaChats

Here’s to hoping that this week is a great one!¬†

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