Alaska Adventure Plans

So as of right now, the next trip on my radar is alllll the way in August. I’m hoping we’ll venture outside of the United States beforehand, but until we figure out where else we’d like to go, I’m just trying to come up with ideas for our epic Alaska adventure!

Our plan all along has been to take a rental car along the Dalton Highway. The DH is one of the only highways in the United States that stretches into the Arctic, and people have had fantastic experiences driving along this lonely stretch of asphalt and gravel. The only thing that’s stopping us from pulling the trigger on our Dalton Highway expedition is the cost…renting a safe, well-equipped car for 6-7 days to drive along the highway would run us about $1100. I think the price tag is worth the adventure, but I’m still conflicted about it! I’m a super saver; I rarely splurge…but travel is my weakness. And $1100 is probably worth it for these kinds of views, right?

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