A Tribute to my Main Man

With Valentine’s Day and the anniversary of our engagement right around the corner, I feel like singing praises to my incredible husband. To avoid being cheesy (or longwinded), I’m condensing this post into a short list of the things I love most about Taylor…

1) His unflagging support for all of my random shenanigans. Whether it’s work, hobbies, travel, or some other out-of-the-box idea, he’s almost always game to give my ideas a shot.

2) His sensitivity to my needs and concerns. Tay is an amazing listener and a wonderful friend!

3) His dedication to living a God-centered life.

4) The way that he does all the “hard stuff” (i.e., paying bills, fixing the car, doing errands, and working hard) without complaining. 

5) His cute smile. It’s my favorite!

What do you love about your SO? Tell me in the comments!

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